How long do YULEYS® last?

YULEYS® are made out of an industrial strength rubber, with a lifespan of 1-2 years. Please be aware of tread wear over time, neutralizing the anti-slip grip for dry floors.

What are YULEYS® used for?

YULEYS® are used to keep dirt and contaminants out of clean areas. They are currently used in both in-home service and industrial applications.

What are YULEYS® made of?

Thermoplastic resin. We offer two types, SEBS and TPR, for various applications. See comparison chart for details on each.


How do you properly use YULEYS®?
  • Place both YULEYS® beside each other on the floor.
  • Step into YULEYS® one at a time, toe-first, pushing down on heel until firmly locked into place.
  • To remove YULEYS®, step on opposite heel tab and lift foot out.

YULEYS® are designed for indoor use. Do not attempt to drive or operate any vehicle or machinery while wearing YULEYS®. YULEYS® are not intended to be a substitute for safety footwear and are only designed as a convenience for protecting indoor flooring from outside contaminants. YULEYS® boot covers are used in addition to safety footwear and do require mindfulness when using. When stepping backwards up stairs, turn the foot slightly to the side to eliminate the occurrence of the YULEYS® popping off.

What is the major difference between SEBS and TPR?

SEBS offers better chemical, oil and temperature resistance, and is autoclavable. TPR may offer better grip in certain environments.

Are YULEYS® anti-static?

YULEYS® are not currently recommended for anti-static applications. More testing needs to be done before we can assure the user of the limitations regarding anti-static and conductivity.

Are YULEYS® washable?

YES. You can wash YULEYS using soap and water. They may also be laundered or put in dishwasher.

How do I find the right size?

Measure your work boot from heel to toe, and match up with the YULEYS® size chart. If the measurement is on the fringe of two sizes, always size down. YULEYS® work best when there is tight compression on the back of the heel.

What type of shoes or boots were YULEYS® designed for?

While originally designed for steel-toe work boots, YULEYS® can be worn with work boots and work shoes. By measuring your footwear of choice from heel to toe you will be able to select the proper size. Fit may vary if you change footwear.

How do YULEYS® stay on?

YULEYS® stay snug on your foot due to our patent pending heel-locking system, which locks the heel of your boot into place.