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Industrial grade YULEYS® SEBS offers all of the benefits of YULEYS® TPR plus these added benefits:

  • More durable / longer lasting
  • Superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Greater flexibility at extreme temperatures
  • Autoclavable

YULEYS® TPR by HexArmor®

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YULEYS® reusable boot and shoe covers are designed to prevent debris, dirt, and other contaminants from being tracked into sanitary environments and foreign object debris from damaging high value assets. The industrial-grade plastic provides rugged durability for long-term wear, which makes them ideal for industrial applications. The slip-reducing tread creates better traction than disposable booties on hard, dry surfaces and the heel-locking grip system keeps them firmly on your feet, which provides a safer alternative for all employees.

YULEYS® hands-free design allows workers to put on or take off protective footwear quickly and easily, without having to bend over. YULEYS® can be used thousands of times and are easy to clean, creating a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution than the disposable alternative. In fact, when cared for properly, YULEYS will last a full year.


  • Hands-free on-and-off usage
  • TPR rubber
  • Slip-reducing tread design
  • Heel-locking grip system
  • Universal fit for all work boots/shoes

Product Details

*This chart helps outline which rubber type performs better with certain properties/applications.

Chemical Resistance Moderate - High Low - Moderate
Oil Resistance Moderate Low
Abrasion Resistance Yes Yes
Flexible Yes Yes
Low temp. flexibility Excellent Good
Dry Surface Grip Excellent Excellent
Bleachable Yes Yes
Autoclave Yes No
Launderable Yes Yes
Temperature Resistance High Moderate
Weight per YULEY® - (Size 11) 13 oz. 14 oz.